Title: The Guy Next Door

Author: Paul Phillips

guy next door

You guys: there is nothing cooler than following a self-published author’s work and witnessing them getting steadily better.

And honestly, I enjoyed Paul Phillips’ writing anyway, but this is his latest book and he is SO on top of his game now.

He always had the tropes of this sort of Fear Street/Point Horror flavoured story down perfectly, but now his pacing is improved and the tension ratchets up quickly and inexorably.

The plot of this is batshit INSANE, but I mean that in a good way (and to make things creepier, EVEN THE CREEPIEST PARTS are not all that far removed from actual things that have happened. Gah).

This is a fun, spooky read. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free, but even if you don’t it’s only $1.29 CAD (presumably less in the U.S.), and it’s more than worth it.